Favorite BBQ Joint In South Minneapolis Close To The Light Rail

My favorite thing to do is work.  My second favorite thing to do is eat.  I need to eat to work and work to eat so its a good combo.  I love food and there are so many good restaurants, coffee shops, bars and food trucks in south Minneapolis. I decided to start blogging about them to keep folks up to date on what is available and good out there.  I am probably never going to pick a favorite because that would be too hard.  Instead I will give you my opinion on why I like the places I do and hopefully that will help you in your search to satisfy your hunger when it comes up.

One of my favorite places to eat right now when I am in Minnehaha, Morris Park, or just close to the light rail stations on highway 55 is Cap's Grille.  Cap's is a pretty cool place because it has been there for a while, long before the light rail came in.  Once the light rail came in I bet anything there business exploded.  I love stories like that and good for them because having a barbecue joint immediately when you get off the train is a great idea. I have had the ribs and the BBQ sliders, both are awesome.  You can get a side order of baked beans which I really like.  But my favorite thing at Cap's is the potatoes fries. I wouldn't call them french fries, I would call them steak fries because that is what they call them.  I love them. They are seasoned just right and go perfectly when you are chomping down on the slow roasted BBQ sandwich.  One other cool thing about Cap's is that they are hopefully going to be turning the upper level into a brewery/tap house.  I think that would be a huge selling point and would really have a positive impact on the neighborhood because the Tap House on 34th Ave is awesome, but it is a little far away from the light rail.  Hit me up if you want to go to Cap's sometime.  I am always up for a BBQ sandwich.  

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