Why Using High Quality Materials Give You A Better ROI On Your Remodel

I go through a lot of houses.  Typically I am touring homes for 4-6 hours a day, 7 days a week.  So I see all the different type of remodeled work that gets done on a property.  More often then not most homes are in average or below average condition.  That includes homes that have been remodeled, haven't been remodeled, or have partially been remodeled over the years.  People tend to do average to below average work.  I think it is a combination of two factors on why this happens.  First, they don't know how or they don't hire the right people.  If you aren't good at tiling the bathroom then you shouldn't do it.  Or hopefully you hire somebody that knows how to do it well.  Too many times I see do-it-yourself projects and they don't turn out well at all. Second, 99% of the time people use the cheapest material they can buy.  They buy the cheapest tile, engineered flooring, counter tops, appliances, paint, door knobs.  They think that because they aren't going to live there then there is no reason to spend the extra money to get good materials.  But this is short sighted thinking.  Somebody else is going to live there,  somebody else can see that you are using cheap materials.  People want nice stuff, they want to make sure they are getting a good value.  And high quality materials installed properly are always more valuable then cheap ones.  In this remodel I used custom cherry cabinets, granite counter tops, extra deep sink, real hardwood floors, marble tile, recessed lighting, and high quality sprayed enamel trim.  I know people are going to love this home.  Come check it out or email me if you have questions about it.