Minneapolis Breweries Becoming Popular Spots for Weddings

Tradition dictates that weddings be held in a church or outdoors, followed by a reception in a hotel ballroom, or rented mansion, or even on a rooftop.  But one of the newest trends is to celebrate not with clinking wine glasses or a champagne toast, but with beer.

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For years, Minneapolis' brewery scene has been growing like a weed (a very enticing and celebratory weed, mind you).  Taprooms have popped up all over the city, from Surly to Dangerous Man, and beer lovers are, well, loving it.  And as weddings shift from the traditional to the unique, couples are turning to breweries for a twist on the usual wedding scene.

Often less expensive than some of the more "established" venues in the Twin Cities, breweries offer a more casual vibe and the opportunity for couples to be creative and break from the grip of exclusive catering contracts and the like.  Some couples are opting for food trucks or catering from local burger joints.  The only downfall is that some breweries won't allow a Saturday (peak day) rental, so you might be stuck with a Sunday wedding.  But why not make it a Sunday Funday?  After all, half the fun with Minneapolis breweries is spending a lazy afternoon sipping on a craft beer with no cares in the world.  So, if you're looking for something different for your own wedding, check out some of the local breweries and see what they have to offer.  Here's a few to get you started...

In just a few weeks, I'll be attending my first ever brewery wedding at Bauhaus in Northeast, and I couldn't be more excited.  So keep an eye out for a future post on what the experience was like.

Guest post by Megan Warner