Why Installing A Backsplash In Your Kitchen Is A Smart Move

A kitchen backsplash is something that gets overlooked a lot.  Most people don't think about them.  A back splash is a tile design that is on the wall between the tops of the counter tops and the bottom of the cabinets.  If you design a good one it can really make a huge difference in how the kitchen looks and feels.  Typically I like to use natural stone because I think it goes well with the granite I use on my countertops.  But this time I tried something a little different, I used glass tile and it actually turned out really great.  I think it cost about $500 for the tile and then $400 in labor and material.  So it cost about $1000 for the back splash, but it just gives the kitchen a extra level of finishes that has a huge impact.  Lastly, the back splash protects the sheetrock from getting wet or greasy.  Hit me up if you have questions about any of this.