Why Standish Neighborhood Is Underrated

People call me up all the time about wanting to live in Southwest, Longfellow, or Kingsfield neighborhoods in Minneapolis. But the catch is they want to live there for under $250,000 and they want 3 beds, 2 baths. Sorry, that is not happening. But if you go to the east side of 35W and check out Standish you can get a great home for that price. Standish gets forgotten about, its like Lake Hiawatha. Everybody talks about Lake Calhoun and Lake Harriet, but Hiawatha is beautiful and has many of the same amenities.

There is a great bike path, beach, and restaurants. Northbound Brewery and Angry Fish Coffee is right around the corner. I would check this area out. I have a client that just got a beautiful home, in near mint condition for only $207,000 in Standish, plus its only 4 blocks from the lake. Explore Standish, I think you will be surprised.