Why Being Flexible Is So Important When Purchasing A Home

I have a problem. I love so many things about real estate. I love homes, I love remodeling, I love selling, I love helping people buy, I love new construction, I love rentals. In one respect this is really good because I am constantly learning about many different aspect of the real estate game. This give me an huge advantage when I am looking at deals to buy for myself or my clients. I am so passionate about real estate and I love what I do I will work 18 hours a day every single day of the week to get whatever it is I need to get done. But I also loose focus sometimes. Sometimes I go 0-100 MPH when I only need to go 60 MPH. Eventually I bring myself back, or Megan has to have a talk with me, or one of my mentors has to have a talk with me and I re focus. I think this is really important in life. You want to be flexible in your decision making. Don't back yourself into a corner. Don't be afraid to go 100% into something and then two weeks later realize that it might not be the best decision.

When you are buying a house I think this is really important. I look at a ton of houses in Minneapolis. All day I am inspecting homes for their value. All of these homes give me a frame of reference so I know when I spot a deal I can jump on it. If you have your inspection clause in there, then that buys you time. It buys you time to do your due diligence and decide if you want to move forward. I just spent $300 on two inspections on a property I was going to flip, but after adding all the costs up I decided it wasn't the right time. There wasn't enough profit potential for the amount of work I would have to do and I really want to focus on my clients right now. My clients need me and they are counting on me and my team for help. Even though I know this remodel would in the end help my clients because I would be able to learn, provide more value to them in the future, build good relationships with solid contractors that I could refer to them later, I just knew that it wasn't the right time. So, be flexible when you need to be and don't be scared to switch a position.