How To Hire The Right Contractors And Not Over Pay For Your Remodel

Hiring the wrong contractors can cost you a ton of money and waste your time.  I have done both many times.  I have learned the hard way.  Sometimes that is the best way to learn actually.  Now I have a team of people that I use regularly that do a good job, but I am always looking for new talented tradesman.  Too many people don't take trades people seriously, but more importantly too many trades people don't take their careers or trades seriously.  I think people should work to master their craft.  Most people are too focused on the short term money instead of the the long term money and reputation.  The thing is when you do a good job word is going to spread, your client is going to tell their friends about you and you are going to start to get referrals.  My buddy got screwed over by a contractor on his remodel project so I went to home depot and ordered all the material for him and got a good contractor in there to do good work for him.  Hit me up if you have a home in south Minneapolis you want to buy or need to sell.