Why Ramblers Are The Cheapest Homes To Maintain

I think ramblers are underrated. So many houses have problems. Water gets in the basement, the floors aren't level, the basement ceilings are too low, they are hard to work on. But ramblers are the opposite. Out of all the homes I go through I would say that ramblers are the most worry free. They are low to the ground so it is easy to change the roof, replace the gutters, and there is only one story to maintain. Also, they have block foundations which are typically pretty solid. I was just in a house with a foundation built in the 1920s out of limestone and the whole basement foundation is falling apart. Also every single rambler I have been in has a really nice foundation. Lastly, they are a lot easier to remodel then homes built in the 1920-1930s in Minneapolis. Everything in the house is square, so if you need to take out a wall, install a window, change out a door, it is a lot easier then if you are working on a old wonky house. 

This one is really nice because it has a huge foundation, open kitchen, big ass basement with high ceilings and its in a super quite and safe neighborhood. It just got a new kitchen, flooring, fresh pain, granite counter tops. It will be coming to the market in about a week so check it out or hit me up if you want to see it.