Why Granite Gives You A Great Return On Your Investment

Picking out your counter top can either be really easy or difficult.  It will be easy if you just pick the color that you like, it will be hard if you try to pick the cheapest color that still looks good.  I have learned the hard way and have decided that it is better to just pick a nice looking granite slab, don't buy the cheap stuff. I like granite because for whatever reason when you walk in the kitchen and see it for the first time it just looks amazing.  It just gives buyers a good feeling about the kitchen.  I think it is the natural stone, there is something about it.  I decided to use the granite rock called "snowflake" in this townhouse remodel.  It is a little more expensive then average, but it looks beautiful and I think it is a classic look.  Hit me up if you want to see this townhouse before it comes to the market.  Or if you need a granite guy I can refer you to Barry.