Why I love West Seventh Neighborhood In St Paul

You're time is limited.  You're busy as hell.  Where are you going to find a good affordable home?  I have been through thousands of homes over the last year.  Most of them I don't like so I am really picking, but I am really into West Seventh right now. I think this neighborhood is going to be like Northeast Minneapolis in 10 years.  Price are low, you can get awesome homes for 80-120k. Cossetta's pizzeria is getting a $15 million remodel,  The Schmidt Brewing Artist Lofts are really badass, that was a $121 million redevelopment project.  Those are bringing a lot cool people to the neighborhood.  I just think will all this development there is going to be massive change in that neighborhood and if you are looking for a place were you can get a lower price home, with huge upside check out West Seventh or "Little Bohemia" as some of the local folk like to call it.  Peace guys, thanks for all your support and let me know if I can do anything for you.