Charming Bungalow in South Minneapolis

Like many millennials, Mike & Lily were ready for the next move in their relationship, they wanted to start a family, they would need a much bigger space than their 400 square foot studio apartment in uptown. 

After a few long talks, they decided to buy a home. They pictured themselves in South Minneapolis, preferably close to Lake Nokomis. They were planning to get married the following summer and knew that this home search would prove to be a big hurdle they would have to overcome. 

After weeks of searching online they decided to finally go out, get serious, and talk to a realtor. 

Many showings later, they still felt like they couldn’t decide on what type of home to buy. Mike wanted a home with old-world charm, beautiful wood work, and butcher block counters.  Lily preferred modern, sharp colors and simplistic woodwork with granite counters in the kitchen.  

Frustrated and stressed, they thought that maybe they weren’t ready for such a big move and that maybe it wasn’t the right time. Then, as fate would have it, Lily found out that she was two months pregnant.  Their home search was no longer about what they wanted; it was about what would be best for the baby. They agreed on a charming bungalow with a beautiful updated open kitchen and, as they walked through the house, they saw themselves playing with their baby in each and every room.  They could imagine going through potty training in the bathroom, playing tag in the backyard, and reading books in the attic bedroom. They knew that this was the place they would call home. 

In a matter of 45 days, they went through the purchase process, signed at the closing table, and began their new life in their perfect home ready to start a family.

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