3 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom, Equity Builder In Longfellow $164,900

April 26, 2016

Kim and Roger were happy.  But their living situation was taking a toll on their relationship.  The apartment in Uptown they moved into after college seemed to be shrinking each day and the $1600 they had to shell out each month to their deadbeat landlord didn't seem to go towards their future.  So they decided to call a south Minneapolis realtor to help them find a home of their own.  He kept them on track and they ended up finding a fixer upper in Longfellow. The remodel was tough, but it was a lot of fun as well.  They ended up selling that home a couple years later for a healthy profit.

This 3 bedroom/2 bathroom equity builder in Longfellow reminds me a lot of Kim and Roger's property they remodeled. Originally built in 1922, this classic charmer has been in the sellers’ family for decades.  Complete with a sunroom and open living/dining area, the home is the perfect investment for buyers searching for character and opportunity. It's a great chance to remodel and recapture its original character.

So if you’re looking for a starter home for a great value and you’re excited to do some remodeling and make a home your own, look no farther than Longfellow.  This remodel opportunity may be your perfect fit.

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