Why I love Minneapolis

I love selling homes in Minneapolis.  In fact, I love real estate.  I have been many places around the world, but Minneapolis is my favorite city for a few reasons.  

First, it is super clean relative to other big cities.  I see trash on the ground, but it gets cleaned up quickly and there isn't smog to worry about.  Second, we have a ton of lakes and parks.  I heard once that we have more parks per capita then any other city in America.  Third, we have a lot of healthy, locally grown food.  Minneapolis has co-ops all over the place, from Nokomis to Powderhorn, Southwest, Northeast, and the Northside.  Plus, the Farmer's Markets downtown and all across the city.  Who wouldn't want to live here with all of this fresh food?  

These are just a few reasons why I love Minneapolis and why I love selling homes here.