Why Buy Duplexes In Powderhorn In South Minneapolis

This is a really nice duplex on 36th and Bloomington Ave S. It is only $150,000 and in great shape.  The gas and electric are separated so the upper and the lower units have there own utility bills.  There are two boilers and they have both been replaced.  The two water heaters are brand new, and the basement doesn't seem to have any water problems.  I really like the layout of both units, the upper is a three bedroom and the lower is a two bedroom, but they are bigger then average.  Combined rents are $2100 a month and the tenets pay the utilities.  I think Powderhorn is a great neighborhood to invest in.  Prices are lower compared to Nokomis and Longfellow.  Check out this duplex and if you have any questions give me a call, text or email.