Why Live In North Minneapolis? 3631 Russell Ave N Only $124,900!

I love north Minneapolis for a lot of reasons. First, the median home price is $100,000 lower than prices in South and Northeast Minneapolis, which makes it a lot more affordable for first time buyers. Second, Webber Park in Camden neighborhood has the nation's first naturally filtered pool, and it's going to have a major positive impact on home prices in the area. Finally, the Wirth Co-op is opening on Earth Day this year and that is going to bring a healthy lifestyle to the community.

Home prices are still about 30% below their 2008 peak compared to prices in South and NE Minneapolis that are very close to their 2008 prices. There is so much opportunity and potential in this wonderful community. 

So check out our new listing at 3631 Russell Ave S! It has 3 bedrooms, an updated open kitchen, a gorgeous bathroom, and a huge movie room and basement for extra space. It is by far the best home in Minneapolis for under $130,000.