Remodeled South Minneapolis Townhouse Coming To the Market

February 18, 2016

We had so much demand for our sellers' townhouse at 4341 3rd Ave S this winter, and with the neighborhood of Regina growing every day, we knew that this location would be perfect for many future buyers.  The unit we sold was unique and stood out in the market for its size, location, and price. 

So when a second unit in the same townhouse development went up for sale, we knew it was a great opportunity to give someone a future home.  I purchased the unit, which was in foreclosure and needed a lot of work.  Similar to our listing at 4341 3rd Ave S, this foreclosed unit is currently getting remodeled and will be ready in about 60 days.  Soon a new buyer will be able to enjoy this home as much as our sellers have enjoyed living in their unit!  

To get an idea of what the unit will look like, take a look at the pictures below.  These are not the true pictures of the unit, but it will look very similar since we are using a lot of the same material for the flooring, kitchen cabinets, and tile.  We are going to upgrade to granite in the kitchen and install recessed lighting.  Plus, the building has an excellent management company, which is always an important factor in the townhouse and condo market.  

I am very excited to bring this to the market because I know how much everybody loved the other unit.  If you have interest in purchasing this home and would like to schedule a showing before it is complete, please let me know and we can set up a time.


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