Is the Minneapolis Housing Market Risky Right Now?

Prices are going up very fast in the 200k or less range. For the last 5 years this price bracket made up a good portion of the inventory, it helped first timers get in and gave a lot of opportunity for investors to purchase homes at a low rate. But now, low gas prices, low interest rates, and low inventory levels are causing home prices to go up very fast. I do think it is more risky then the last few years to purchase, but I don't necessarily think we are in a bubble or that it is a bad decision to purchase. Everything depends on your situation. I do think it would be best to come into my office for a free buyer consultation, we discuss the market, the purchase contracts, and the buying process step by step so you are comfortable when and if you do make an offer. No pressure and no obligation. Call me or email is best 612-423-0202 arne@jrhomesales.com