The Art Of Real Estate- Selling Houses In South Minneapolis

Selling houses is an art. Its not a science just based off numbers, averages, median and square foot prices. Numbers will tell you only 30-40% of the picture, its more about pricing, staging, lighting, marketing, negotiating.  And then we can also talk about location, land values, lot size, location of the lot on the block, the local economy, time of year, if there are 10 houses on the market that its competing against or 5, if there are 20 buyers that know about it over 1000. There are so many factors that can effect the price of a house.  A house is not like a barrel of oil or a class of stock, there not all the same. I am proud to be somebody that studies value as my art and my craft and to be a never-ending student of improvement and understanding,  and not as somebody that is just trying to get a commission. To me its not about getting a commission, its about getting the best result possible and making people happy. I know if I do that then I am doing my job.