Working With An Experience Realtor vs. Inexperience Realtor

I ran into a buyer the other day that said he was considering working with a realtor because the realtor  was going give him back some of his commission.   I would be very skeptical of working for somebody that does that because if he can't negotiate for himself, how can you trust him/her to negotiate for you at a high level?  There is a big difference between an skilled negotiator and one that is not. Businesses, governments, sport teams pay big money to highly skilled negotiators to get them deals because they know it is worth it.  They end up getting a better deal.  Unfortunately, I see many agents in this business that don't know how to negotiate, a lot of them are too scared to even do an open house.  If they are too scared to talk to somebody face to face, to go out there an pound the pavement, how can you trust to them handle one of the biggest asset purchases of your life?   Just because you are paying less for something, doesn't necessarily mean it is a good value.  At the end of the day you want a great value.  

Let me ask you a question, would you pay $10,000 more for a property, just because you get $2000 back from your agent from his commission?  Or would you rather pay $10,000 less for a property and get nothing back at closing? Same goes for a lender, one lender might be giving you a lower rate, but what are the other costs associated with the loan?  A lot of lenders hide fees on the back end, offer a lower rate, but at the end of the day, the borrower pays more.  I think getting a second opinion is critical, because I have seen it happen a lot, the borrower is thinking they are getting the best deal, but he/she isn't.

When you are purchasing a home it doesn't cost you anymore money to work with an experience realtor that knows the market, the offer process, and knows how to negotiate, then working with one that is inexperienced.  In fact, working with an experienced agent saves you money because of their skills, experience and market knowledge.  For every promise there is a price, and the promise you make to work with an agent that gives you back some of his commission might not be worth the price. Typically, people of high value cost money to employ because they do a better job and provide more value.

I have a very strict no pressure policy, there is no pressure or obligation to meet with me, I want to make sure my clients are extremely well educated on the home buying process and the market, and like I said, you are never pressured, just educated on the market and the services I offer.   Please let me know if you would like to meet for a free no hassle or pressure buyer consultation today.