North Minneapolis Green Home Program

Changing North Minneapolis With New Green Homes

I read a really great article the other day about the Green Homes Project in North Minneapolis. It talked about how there are a number of non profits that have teamed up with the city of Minneapolis and local housing developers to build 100 new construction homes in North Minneapolis over the next few years. North Minneapolis has had trouble attracting new investors in business and would-be home owners because of a few high crime neighborhoods in that community. So the Green Homes Project is building new properties at a low price to entice buyers to purchase on the Northside.

The reasons these homes can sell for less is because the money the builders get from the city and the non profits creates their profits, but without this money the builders would be building at a loss. I have been in a number of these homes and they are very beautiful and well built. I think this project is a great idea because sometimes when new homes go up in neighborhoods people start keeping better care of their homes and streets, and that can have a huge impact on long term on home values.

However, buyers still need to be careful about purchasing these homes because they need to know that the neighborhoods will most likely not change overnight, you still want to get a great understanding of the market. You might own a great new home, but the rest of the block could still be rough, and the value of your home could go down dramatically over time. On the other hand, these homes could have a positive impact on the blocks and it could totally change the neighborhood for the better. Just don’t rush into anything. If you want more information about these homes please reach out to us. I take my clients and career very seriously and can ensure an amazing experience!