Winter Deals

The holidays can be a stressful time for people. Between family events, holiday parties, and shopping for gifts, the last thing most people want to do is house hunt. But in my experience, I’ve learned that November, December, and January tend to have the best deals for purchasing a home in Minnesota.

Now, there are always deals to be had year-round, but the winter months offer a unique situation. Because there is less demand, prices tend to drop, and though it’s not necessarily the ideal time to sell, there are always situations that cause people to have to sell when the market is slower. Sometimes the bank is listing a foreclosure, or a house needs to be sold quickly because a family is relocating. Sometimes there is a divorce and a sale is necessary, or there is a death in the family and the family prefers to sell the estate rather than hang onto it for longer than needed.  Regardless of the situation, cold winter months are still a great time to buy because you’re likely to see very good properties at low prices.

I’ve been a real estate investor and real estate agent for a decade, and I’ve worked extensively in the construction trades. In all my experience, I still always tell my clients to keep their eyes peeled in winter if they’re thinking about buying, because even if the market isn’t getting the same attention it gets in spring and summer, it’s critical to always have your pulse on it.

There’s always value to be had – you’ve just got to know how to find it.