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Arne Johansson got his real estate license in 2007 while he was working in construction and remodeling his investment properties. He always dreamed of owning his own brokerage and selling real estate for a living. Now Arne is living that dream.  In 2013, Arne got his brokers's license and officially started Johansson Realty Inc. Since then he has represented over 300 buyers and sellers in Minneapolis and the metro area.  He has toured thousands of condos, single-family, and multi-family properties.  This extensive experience has taught him invaluable lessons in real estate that he shares with his clients to help them in their buying or selling process.

Arne is also a licensed general contractor. He has remodeled dozens of single family, multi-family properties, and has built new construction multi-family as well.   Arne shares his experiences and knowledge with his clients to help them understand the different potential costs of repairs or remodel projects in the property.  Knowing this information helps buyers eliminate the bad properties, but also helps his clients find the good properties that are worth buying.

Arne's wife Megan is the Operations Director for Johansson Realty and is one of the most experienced transaction coordinators in the Twin Cities.  When you work with Arne and Megan you have two very experienced real estate professionals working on your behalf to ensure a successful transaction.    

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